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Amazon store is not working at the moment.  You can still click the links to read reviews and etc, but if you are interested in purchasing a book, please contact me at  I am running a sale.  Two books for $30.  The third book in the series is coming shortly.  Stay tuned for more information.  Sorry for the inconvenience.

Fufu's Bistro is an adventure story about a mischievous seven-year-old boy named Danny, who just wants to eat lunch and play after sightseeing with his mom in Paris.  Unfortunately, he gets a little more adventure than he bargains for when his lunch wants to "play."

In the second book of this series, Don't Play with Your Food: Oliver's Pub, Danny travels to London, England. After sightseeing with his mom, the real adventure begins when Danny sets out on a brave rescue mission to save a "friend." Join Danny on his next escapade to learn if he can indeed complete his mission!

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